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Chaperones are needed throughout the year as each of our bands travel. The general rule of thumb is two chaperones per bus but you'll be notified throughout the year as events occur. Chaperones attend competitions for FREE when they work!

Please click here to sign up for either Chaperone or Pit Crew.
Volunteers attend the competition for FREE when they work!

"Emergency Supplies" for the band. This bag must stay with one of our Chaperones for any trip-start to finish!
  • When you arrive at the school have one Chaperone get the bag from Mr. Coachman. Keep it with you on the bus. If you're chaperoning at a Competition it is very important that you have the bag with you at all times - especially after the competition while you're sitting in the stands with the kids and again on the bus for the return trip home.
  • Once everyone is safely back at school please give the bag back to Mr. Coachman to keep with the students during practices etc. Pretty much the key is ………Where the kids go, so goes the bag!

If you've signed on to be a chaperone we will post arrival times on the parent website calendar and send any special instruction via email.

Chaperones are needed for the following events each year: DON'T FORGET THE EMERGENCY BAG!

  • Competitionsthroughout the Fall Season-4 chaperones per competition on Saturdays
  • The Big EPerformance - September
  • Symphonic ExchangeConcert Trip - February
  • Jazz Festivaltrip to Berklee College of Music, Boston-March
  • Memorial Day Parades-May -get your walking shoes on! Parents are needed to march w/ the band.
Bethel Memorial Day Parade - Sunday BEFORE Memorial Day
Approx. 6 Chaperones

Danbury Memorial Day Parade-Memorial Day
At least 6 Chaperones are needed
A wagon is needed to carry bottled water for the students
Throughout the parade you will need to bring water forward to the students as they march
This can be a hot one!
  • Year End Festival Trips-May or June-Mr. Coachman and Ms. Neville have a kick-off meeting for these trips each year in September. Watch the parent website calendar for date/time info. These are fabulous trips to places like Bermuda, 6 Flags, Disney, & Hershey Park. They alternate years with a long trip (like the Bermuda Cruise) followed by a year with a shorter trip (such as 6 Flags)

Chaperones are safety nets for our students and a huge help for Mr. Coachman.
Please try to Chaperone just once during the year-
that will provide all the coverage we need and lighten the load for all!

Enjoy the time you spend with the students as a Chaperone!

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